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Wednesday, December 3, 2008
STAC Retro End-of-Year(EOY) 2008

Hi all!

This is Zhuo Heng here and I am kind of helping Huiting here! I had decided to put up more information on this event since I think most of you might be wondering what this is about. So please please please do read on before you decided if you wish to go!


STAC Retro EOY 08 Basic Information

13 December 2008 (Saturday)

Singapore Expo Conference Halls A - F near Hall 1

Entrance Fee:

11AM - 7PM

Official Website: http://sgcafe.com/eoy2008/


Please visit the official website of EOY 08 at http://sgcafe.com/eoy2008/ as most of the information such as "About STAC", "Location", "Rules", "Registration", "FAQ", and "Forum" are all over there so I do not have to repeat the details here. Thus, it will prevent me from writing a long post that no one will read. =D


What you can expect to see there

-Cosplayers cosplaying as characters from anime, game, manga


-Japanese Fashion Subculture Dressers(E.g.

Lolita, Punk, Gothic, Decora





-Booths selling cosplay/anime/Japanese Subculture related items

-A booth offering FREE photography services

-Lots&lots of people


What to Wear

-Cosplay Costumes

-Japanese Fashion Subculture Wear

-Casual Wear(Clothes you will wear on streets

in Singapore or any other countries)

-OR Anything That's Not Against The Law


Who's Going


1) Huiting*Not meeting up as she is going with her Cosplay group*
2) Zhuo Heng


*Please confirm LATEST by 11 December 2008, Thursday, 11.59pm.*

1) Amanda
2) Weng Hong

Meet Ups Details

Date: 13 December 2008(Saturday)

Suggestion of Things to Bring

1) Camera/Video Camera
2) Water
3) An open mind =)
4) More than $12!


Please confirm if you are going with Huiting(91349346) or with me via MSN/Email/SMS! Sorry but I don't like posting my own details on the internet. Further details will be posted later so do drop by this blog regularly for further updates! =D If you do have any questions, please ask them at the tag board with your real name. =D

Many thanks in advance!

+-+Zhuo Heng+-+

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